Why We Standout as the Best College Catering Company to Hire in Pleasanton, California.

June 28, 2016 - Specialty Foods

The growth of Hospitality industry in Pleasanton, California has been tremendous for the last three decades. This growth can be attributed to the ever increasing numbers of tourists in this city and also the surging numbers of education institutions over this period. One area of this industry that has seen an enormous growth is the catering niche. The there are hundreds if not thousands of catering companies operating in Pleasanton. Among the many companies that have built an impeccable reputation is the Pleasanton Catering Company. Started as a small catering company, we have grown to be one of the reputable companies, especially in college catering services.
Campus catering is indeed one of the toughest jobs for any catering company in Pleasanton, California. Considering the huge number of students and staff, this is a job that requires a lot of resources and extensive experience to handle it successfully. But we have a reputation for being the service providers in this area. There are tens of reasons why we are the best and why you should consider hiring us:

• excellent menu Options
As professional college caterers, we know that menu options if crucial. With the huge number of the students and staff, there is always a huge variety of food and beverage to be ordered. It is natural that people have different tastes depending on their origin and also the faith that they practice. To ensure that everyone in attended to, we have a flexible and an excellent menu option that can be varied to meet the need of the customer. We have different menus for the clients to choose from, and we always keep updating them in accordance with the event demand. Our menus can easily be altered to adapt to the event at hand.

• Experience
We have been in operation for a period of time, and one thing that we can boast of is the vast experience. Compared to a majority of our competition, we are indeed among the most experienced campus caterers that you can hire in this city. We have hired Las Positas caterers for many times, and this has elevated our level of experienced incredibly. We have also worked with other prominent colleges and companies which have helped in raising our standards compared to most of our competition. Being hired as Las Positas catering services providers severally is a clear indication of trust and confidence that clients have in us.

• Quality of equipment and staff
Quality is crucial in any service provision, and this is something that we do not compromise with anything. To ensure that we are delivering only top notch services, we have invested heavily in equipment and staff. Our staff including the chiefs and the waiters are highly trained by the reputable institutions. They are also among the most experienced to handle any campus catering task. We have the state-of-the-art equipment that will ensure that your event will be awesome and free from bumps or errors.

• Considerable charges
Considering the quality of our services, we are indisputably one of the most affordable catering service providers in Pleasanton, California. Through experience in this industry, we have been able to adjust and adapt best practices thus cutting unnecessary costs significantly. This is how we have managed to offer the most competitive catering charges compared to our competition.