To Hear Cheery Holiday Clinks In Pleasanton.

June 15, 2016 - Specialty Foods

Parties are immense fun in California particularly in Pleasanton, but most of us just can’t handle the stress of
organizing such large scale events. Hence, of course, the evolution of
people like wedding planners, who somehow have the skills and the
know-how to pull off extreme-anxiety inducing events, without a problem.
Of course, not everyone feels comfortable doing this, and most people
just hire a caterer, and deal with the rest themselves, because that’s
the most difficult part. Your party will be a lot easier to handle, as
well as more interesting for your guests, if you were to order beverage
catering as well. This is something that if your chosen bar caterers don’t
cover for you, the drinks are often ignored or relegated the position of
‘do it yourself.’

Depending on the size of the party, you can
go all out and order an all-inclusive package for beverage catering,
which includes drinks, a bar, and professional bar caterers to serve the
drinks to your guests. This can be a fun thing for cocktail parties,
beach parties, or birthday parties, but can also lend a formal air to
private functions, inaugural parties, office parties, and christenings.
Most caterers will allow you to explain the tone of your event, and they
may have good suggestions about exactly which of their packages will
suit yours the best.

For example, most beverage caterers
differentiate between corporate events and private events, and they will
explain the differences in their proposed services for the too. Make
sure to look at these before you pick one, because while you may be
hosting an office Christmas party for your team, you may be really close
with them, while a thanksgiving reunion with your entire extended
family with numerous disapproving aunts and uncles may seem like a more
formal event.

Nearly every beverage caterer will have a range of
non-alcoholic drinks for you to choose from, that you can choose to
include in your bar for underage drinkers or people who don’t appreciate
alcoholic drinks. In case you are planning an event where all alcohol
may be frowned upon, like a religious gathering, or a party for
teenagers below the legal drinking age, you don’t have to forego the
decorative effect of having a bar with professional bartenders attend to
your party. (The teenagers would most likely appreciate it). Simply
choose from an array of mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails), smoothies,
soda, juices, or sparkling beverage options, and they’ll have the fun
that they would otherwise be missing out on.

If you’re not
comfortable hiring an entire package, there are other things you can do.
If you already have a mini-bar, or someplace to hold your party that
comes with a bar, you won’t need anyone for catering drinks. You would
need people to serve them, so you can hire waiters and bartenders alone.
Conversely, if you prefer serving yourself, or you think your guests
would rather fetch their drinks themselves, check if the caterers
provide mobile bars for hire.

So whether you need professionals
for catering beverages, or you just need a mobile bar you can take with
you to your beach house for a summer party, there are a wide variety of
ways you can improve any party you throw, so that the events that you
organize are hassle free for you, and more enjoyable for everyone else.