Tips for choosing a special vegetarian caterer in the Bay Area

June 19, 2016 - Special Event Catering

Tips for choosing a special vegetarian caterer in the Bay

A few years ago, anyone who would claim to be a non-meat
eater would have to explain the choice as something attached to his health.
Things have changed drastically over the past few years with people choosing a
vegetarian diet for health as well as ethical reasons. Being a vegetarian or a
vegan has become popular because people have become more aware of the
environment and generally are in tune with what their bodies need. Finding a
restaurant or a vegetarian catering that served authentic vegan food was hard for
a lot of people and a nightmare for anyone serving food at an event.
Availability depended mostly on whether the community had vegan religious
leaning or if there were a lot of so-called “new age peopleâ€.

The movement to provide great tasting vegetarian and vegan
meals has come a long way from lentil soup and tofu vegan taco and pizza to a
sweet potato lasagna main dish followed by a chocolate tofu cheese. California
seems to be the mecca of vegetarian cuisine and the one place where vegetarian
catering is a non-issue. The things that can be imagined with meat based dishes
can be brought to a whole other level by vegan caterers but how do you find one
who can balance and cater to different tastes at a catered party or wedding?

The good news is that there are people who can provide
vegetarian catering and vegan meals that
are 100 percent devoid of meat or animal products. If you are planning an event
where food will be served to vegetarians and non-vegetarians you need to find a
company that can cater to different needs and tastes. When choosing a vegetarian
or vegan catering company there are a few things you should look at:

The budget

It should be clear from the beginning what
you plan to spend on catering and to indicate this on your briefing with the
caterer. The caterer then has to tailor a menu that will be within that budget
but sill still meet whatever dietary requirements specified.

Quality of food

Most people get hung up on the quantity of
food rather than the quality especially for big events like weddings but you
should get a menu plan and have the caterer explain each dish thoroughly. If
you want to mix vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes then make sure you let the
caterer know. The best solution when you have budgetary constraints or if you
know that a couple of your guest will have issues with actual meat being served
alongside their tofu inspired dishes, then work out a menu that everyone will

Schedule a tasting session

Once you have agreed on a menu
schedule a tasting session. This way you will have an idea of how awesome the
food at your event will be and if you are the vegetarian, bring someone who
isn’t to find out first hand how a meal without meat tastes like. After the
tasting session, you will be able to determine if you should go full-on vegan
or offer an alternative.

An enticing display can enhance the
culinary experience people have when they are trying out a new dish or a dish
they know. Make sure that the catering company pays attention to presentation
as much as the give attention to the taste infused in the meals served.

In Pleasanton and in most places in
the Bay area, there is a resurgence of specialty caterers, finding one that can
cater to most food preferences is easier.