Specialty Food Catering

April 21, 2015 - Specialty Foods

It is easy to remember a day when those on a gluten-free diet were quite limited when it came to going out for a bite to eat. Nothing was as safe as at home, where you could pick your own ingredients that you had personally selected at the grocery, organic food, or healthy food store. And, if you just couldn’t resist the urge to go out, you faced a whole host of obstacles in your search for a gluten-free meal. Whether it was narrowing down your restaurant choices to the cuisines of certain ethnicities, like Thai or Indian, that tended to be naturally gluten-free, or giving your waiter a headache with special instructions, dining out was never as easy as it should be. Those seeking a respite from gluten were routinely mocked. They were told that they did not have a “real” allergy. That they were being too picky.

Well, regardless of whether some people were just jumping onto the gluten-free train, trying to be fashionable, many others suffered, especially when they wanted their meal to be something special. Recently, however, things have been changing at an encouraging rate. The popularity of health conscience food has skyrocketed. Now, people are finally starting to pay close attention to what is in their food. They actively seek out locally-grown fruits and vegetables, sustainably raised poultry, and pay attention to how certain foods may interact with the body. And, as our understanding of celiac disease grows stronger, more and more food establishments have begun appreciating the need for gluten-free dining.

Here in Pleasanton, places like Eddie Papa’s American Hangout and Aunti Gluten’s Bakery offer a wide variety of gluten-free meals and tasty treats. This is just about the best time ever to be gluten-free, especially if you live in the Bay Area.

And for those wanting something special when it comes to their meals, catering is now an option as well. While catering companies have a history of specializing their services and food choices to meet individual needs, today is likely a better time than ever if you need a caterer and a gluten-free meal. And it’s not just gluten-free that is available – catering companies are able to fulfill a wide range of special needs.

As special needs catering has diversified to keep up with today’s trends and demands, it is now possible to find caterers who offer not only gluten free catering, but also other allergy free catering, sustainability catering, and organic catering.

This huge selection means that those seeking gluten-free or other specialty food now have a range of options they couldn’t even have dreamed about only a few years ago. Gluten free catering has made it possible for Pleasanton residents to order anything they want, worry-free, for all of their special occasion needs. You don’t have to venture out of the San Ramon Valley anymore to find custom-made, gluten-free food. Drop off catering can get gluten-free or other personalized healthy food delivered right to your doorstep. And best of all, of course, is that by ordering from someone specializing in your gluten-free needs, you can rest assured that, unlike that poor waiter you used to confuse, these caterers have got you covered.