June 10, 2016 - Dishes


From time to time, we do get
confronted by the need to outsource catering services in such events as
graduation ceremonies, picnics, family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, and
other occasions that draw large attendees. The situation becomes even more
complicated in case there are persons with special dietary requirements in

The residents of the city of
Pleasanton, California and its environs may count on the Pleasanton Catering
Company for all their catering needs. It stands out as the most
outstanding catering company due to the following reasons:

Possession of the Right
Technical Expertise

The company’s specialty food
catering specializes in gluten-free
catering which entails the baking of cakes, bread, and other confectionaries
using gluten-free wheat. These confectioneries are very important especially
for those with celiac disease.

Wealth of Catering Experience

By virtue of having been
continuously operational for a very long stint of time, the company has accumulated
a wealth of experience in the field of catering in general. It is therefore
better placed to provide the very best services and produce the highest quality
of bread and confectioneries.

Excellent Customer

Over the course of several
years of operation, the company has won the trust of several top-notch companies
that have a presence in Pleasanton City area such as BMW Motors, Mini, Sprint,
Toyota, CVS Pharmacy, and Ross, to name but a few! Future clients are thus also
guaranteed the same levels of customer satisfaction.

Skilled Workforce

The catering company’s team
of highly-skilled gluten free caterers
have the wherewithal (necessary training, years of work experience and skills) needed
to bake just about every other gluten-free or special food. This stems from the
fact that the company thoroughly screens all the applicants before finally
admitting them to join its team of caterers.

Affordable Pricing

The company does levy very
low charges on all the products it has on offer. These low prices are occasionally
accompanied by special offers, promos, hot discounts, and other initiatives
that are aimed at lessening the financial burdens of the customers.

Outstanding Customer Service

It does serve its customers in a
very prompt, timely, and efficient manner. Its team of diet accommodating caterers is specifically trained to be courteous
and swift insofar as the execution of their mandates are concerned.

Call for Action

It is quite clear from the
foregoing discussions that Pleasanton Catering Company is the most outstanding
catering company within the city of Pleasanton, California and its surrounding

In order to get started and leverage the benefits of the
aforementioned specialty services it has on offer, prospective clients are
simply required to log on to its corporate website via the following address:

All the relevant details and other pieces of information
that potential clients require in order to engage the services of the company e.g.
pricing regime, product portfolio, office hours, and corporate history are all
contained therein. What’s more? The company’s very robust customer care
department is always on standby during the official working hours and very
ready to receive any incoming queries and respond to them soonest possible.