Picnic Catering- The Best Way to Plan One

June 12, 2016 - Specialty Foods

Picnic Catering- The Best Way to Plan One

Normally, picnic catering is more lively to attend than to plan. However, turning an offer to plan one is rarely a good move. If you are meant to do the task, make the plan relatively effortless by starting in time, being on top of things and having an alternative plan in case anything crops up. Basically, a successful picnic is all about ease, comfort, and good company. Picnic catering can be formal with chairs tables and flowers or informal where guests just sit on the ground. Here is how picnic caterers plan.

Know your guests

First, you need to determine whom your guests are and then select the date. While choosing the date, do not choose the ones at beginning or the end of a holiday. Settle for a weekday so that your guests do leave their individual commitments to attend the function.

Select the venue

Next, it’s important to select a venue and choose a theme for backyard catering. When choosing the location, go by the tastes and choice of different people you plan to invite. These can be colleagues, family members, and friends. Consider the weather, how far the venue is from your home and the kind of activities that you intend to organize. Also, choose a popular theme for your function.

Plan the menu

Some locations have their own picnic caterers who will plan the menu for you to choose from. If you are not ready to do a lot of work, you can opt for these services. However, if you can spare some time, it’s best if you choose your own backyard caterers. While doing this select the foods that are convenient to handle such as vegetable salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, hamburgers and fruit salads.

Choose the entertainment

While choosing the type of entertainment for outside catering, ensure that you select activities that are attractive to those who will come. For instance, if you can convince your guests to participate in one of the activities, the better. It’s also important to order any requirements in advance.

Create invitations

Before distributing any invitations ensure that they are catchy. A well-planned event finer details than a common email message. You can blow up the invitation to the size of a poster and the display the same promptly. You can also set up a website about the part and lists its URLs on invitations. You can then posts directions, updates and answers to commonly asked questions.

Moreover, if you are having the event in a hot month, choose a place with lots of pavilions or shade trees. It’s important to think about rooms for tents and ensure that you plan ahead. Remember, most public events often require a permit, therefore, you need to look for one before the actual day of the event. Make sure that you have a parking in mind since some of your guests might come with vehicles and you do not want to inconvenience them. However, if this is not possible you may hire a shuttle to transport your guests for outside catering.