Elegant catering

June 25, 2016 - Dishes

When it comes to meals for occasions all of
us want to have the best cooked meals and other catering services that goes
with it. There are various elegant caterers in Pleasanton, California. These
companies are creative experienced, efficient and willing to please their
esteemed customers. They use the finest ingredients in preparing their meals
and offer creative presentations for their meals. Some of them will offer you
free price quotations for the meals in their menus. They cover all types of
occasions ranging from weddings to family get together. Expert caterers from
these companies will help you figure out the best serving style for your

Two popular ways of serving your reception

Plated meal catering

Plated meal catering is a traditional and
formal option of catering, as each of your guests will be individually served a
plated meal. Each guest is usually served a total of three courses but may be
four depending on the planning. The three courses include appetizer, entrée,
and dessert. The fourth course, which is referred to as the intermezzo, may be
added after the appetizer. The guests get to choose the choice of meals
beforehand as the first option. The second option is known as a duet plate,
that entails serving each guest two proteins in the same plate for example meat
and chicken. The advantage with this type of catering arrangement is that every
guest at the table gets their meal at the same time.

The caterer will also have the exact
estimate of the amount of food to buy since the meals were already pre-selected
thus you will save a lot as compared to a buffet. The disadvantage is that it
requires a lot of servers.

Buffet style catering

Buffet style catering includes setting up
of food stations on long tables where guests can walk along and serve
themselves at their own pleasure, picking whatever food they want on the table.
This is the first option. The second option is stationing servers behind the
buffet tables to serve each dish. This is the most casual style of meal
service. The advantages of this type of arrangement is that you need very few
servers and as such you will be to minimize the number of catering staff and
cut down the hiring cost of the catering services too. It also makes it easier
to provide a lot of choices to your guests and cater for their many food needs.
You will be capable of handling those with allergies and other dietary
restrictions they might have. Buffet will also allow interaction and mingling
between the guests and hosts of the occasion.

the buffet style catering has got various cons including: Each table will have
to wait a long time for their turn to serve, might also lead to long queues,
guests also have to carry their own plates and serve themselves which may not
look that elegant. You will also spend a lot of money on buying food since
people eat more where there is self-service.