Easter Holiday Catering

February 8, 2016 - Special Event Catering

In 2016, Easter comes to us on March 27th.  The residents of Pleasanton come to enjoy family, friends and festivities, year after year.  This a great place for the Spring holiday.  This also includes delicious Easter Brunch Catering and Easter Dinner Catering.

The beautiful downtown hosts an annual Bunny Hop scavenger hunt.  For years the young children of Pleasanton have experienced this wonderful adventure.  And our local library will surely read the holiday children’s books to delight the young ones.  One great book is Peter Rabbit’s Happy Easter; a story on how Peter Rabbit became the Easter Bunny by dropping paint on eggs he took from his neighbors then had to return him as ordered by Mother. Another possibility would be the fun story of The Easter Egg Farm about a hen that lays eggs in different colors and patterns.  Any of these two reads would make a great day at the local library.

But of course, none of these events complete Easter… thats where great food comes in. Personally, good company and great food make up the recipe for the perfect Easter Holiday in my beautiful hometown of Pleasanton.  I don’t want to fuss or stress so I prefer easy catering.  Drop off catering is perfect!  The best place in Pleasanton for Easter Brunch catering is the Pleasanton Catering Company.  They are also perfect for Easter Dinner catering.

I’ve had the pleasure of having both brunch and dinner catered by the Pleasanton Catering Company.  Brunch was scrumptious!  We feasted on a variety of muffins and scones, fresh fruit, homemade quiche, sausage and bacon.  My family were overwhelmed and thought I had slaved over the stove for hours.  I let them in on the secret but took credit for choosing the right catering company.

Later that Easter evening (after the family get togethers wrapped up) my husband and I wanted to relax and spend a little time with our friends as well.  I had it all covered.  Our friends were up for the idea so I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t regret their decision.  Pleasanton Catering Company set us up with amazing Tri-tip and Pulled Pork Sliders!  We kept the servings simple but they also have Smoked Turkey and Honey Cured Ham on the menu.

My husband loves our town so much that we stay here for his birthdays.  I’ve had the Pleasanton Catering Company cater a few of his semi-formal birthday dinners.  The staff is great and so helpful.

Throughout the year there are many holidays, birthday, anniversaries, etc.; just so many reasons to celebrate and no one ever thinks to leave out the food and treats.  Whether it’s a lovely brunch, casual lunch or formal dinner, you just can’t go wrong with Pleasanton Catering Company.  Trust me I’ve done research, over and over again.  Yum!