8 Tips for a Successful Tailgate Party

June 17, 2016 - Specialty Foods

When you’re having a tailgate, there are certain rules that everyone should follow. Here are the top ten tips to having a great tailgater.

1. Plan ahead: It’s important to make sure you have everything you need come game time. Make a checklist of all the food, drink, and other stuff that you will need for the occasion. This should also include any items you’ll need to clean up. It’ll be hard to get anything that you’re missing and you’d hate to have to ask someone from the visiting team’s tailgate next to you for some napkins. A toolbox serves as the perfect tailgate toolkit to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Consider bringing a first-aid kit for any minor scrapes that might happen.

2. Tailgating Neighbors: Speaking of borrowing those napkins, it’s a great idea to get to know those tailgating next to you.

3. Recruit contributors: Know anyone that makes a fantastic nacho dip? Anyone who’s a master on the grill? Get these people you out and make the tailgater come to life. This is a tailgate party and not a dinner party after all.

4. Time management: Remember this is a tailgater. There’s a sporting event going on. If you wait until twenty minutes before game time to fire up the grill, you’re out of luck for those fantastic ribs you had planned. You’ll also want to leave plenty of time for clean up and waiting in line to get into the game. It’s recommended to arrive for your tailgater at least four hours before game time and start the food no sooner than two hours ahead of time.

5. Designated Driver: If you plan on serving alcohol, ensure that everyone has a plan to get home safe. Make sure that there is a designated driver or someone has the number to the nearest taxi service plugged into their phone.

6. Stay hydrated: If your tailgater is during warmer months, this is important, especially if you will be drinking alcoholic beverages. Pack non-alcoholic beverages as an alternative. Place frozen water bottles in your cooler so that you have cold water when you need it.

7. Don’t forget to turn out the lights: Once you’ve finished your grilling, it’s essential to make sure your coals and grill are properly extinguished. You want your favorite sports team to be the only thing on fire at the venue.

8. Food: The food is the most important part of the tailgater. Without good food, it’s essentially a bunch of people sitting around your car waiting for the game to start. If possible, prepare your meat for grilling the night before.

If you don’t think you’ve got what it takes bring fantastic food to the tailgater, maybe bringing in the experts is just what you need. Catering your tailgater might be the perfect option to alleviate some of the burden, allowing you to concentrate on having a good time at your event. Consulting your local catering company for tips on football catering, baseball catering, and any other special events you might have during the upcoming season. Your football or baseball caterer will know exactly what you need to have the best event possible.